Sensible and Friendly., Rogers Sportsnet is the online home of Rogers Sportsnet, Canada’s 24-hour regional sports cable network. The site is home to comprehensive sports news, stats, commentary and user interaction, and is one of Canada’s most visited web properties. Client since 2005.


Executive Producer: Susan Docker
Producer: Bret Dawson
Technical Director / Lead Programmer: Greg Heo

Top-Level Tasks:

  • Built the real-time data systems to handle all the scores and statistics.
  • Set up the Bricolage CMS that runs all the news, blogs and columns.
  • Integrated the Bricolage CMS with Sportsnet’s email vendor’s system to automate publishing daily newsletters.
  • Set up a system that allows Sportsnet to send on-the-fly news alerts by email from the Bricolage CMS.
  • Built WAP and iPhone support into the Bricolage CMS.
  • Extended the Bricolage CMS to provide data to an iPad application.
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter streams into primary news flow.
  • Trained Sportsnet editorial staff to update their website using Bricolage CMS.
Sportsnet Screencapture
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