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International Freedom of Expression exchange

IFEX is a global network of 88 organizations working to defend and promote the right to free expression. Its website serves as a hub for alerts, public appeals and calls to action published by those member organizations, and provides resources for freedom-of-expression and human-rights campaigning. Client since 2008.


Producer / Programmer / Designer: Bret Dawson
Programmer: Greg Heo

Top-Level Tasks:

  • Did IA and redesign for very large web site (50,000+ documents) including a transfer of existing articles and assets to the new Bricolage CMS.
  • Imported 30,000+ documents from legacy CMS into the new system.
  • Set up Bricolage CMS to handle publishing documents in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic) with full-text indexing for language-aware search.
  • Integrated Bricolage CMS with IFEX’s email vendor’s system to automate delivery of email alert messages (everything published to the site is also sent by mail, in both HTML and plain text).
  • Set up multi-format publishing (Web and PDF) of the IFEX Communiqué, a weekly magazine.
  • Built systems to handle the complex message-credit requirements of IFEX’s many stakeholders. (A single document may be the work of 30 organizations, and the Bricolage CMS can reflect that, including leadership, on a document-by-document basis).
  • Bricolage CMS training and phone support for IFEX staff.
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