Sensible and Friendly.


  1. We won't sell you something we don't think is right for you.
  2. We won't tell you it can't be done without offering an alternative.
  3. We will provide estimates to you as a number of hours. We will bill you only for the hours used. Timesheets will be kept by all Pectopah personnel and submitted with invoices. We will monitor the hours used and let you know if it looks like the work requested will exceed the estimate. This allows you to change the project scope if required to keep the project within your initial budget. If the job takes less time than estimated, you can keep the difference.
  4. You won't incur any costs that you haven't approved.
  5. We will reply to e-mail and voicemails as soon as we read/hear them. We provide special contact details for after-hour emergencies.
  6. We will keep you posted on the status of your project.
  7. Unless there is a problem with payment, we will complete the job.
  8. We won’t accept referral fees from any third-party providers we recommend to you. We recommend them simply because we like working with them and believe they are the right fit for you.

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