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Founded in 1998, Pectopah’s specialty is building large, complex web sites and services using open-source applications and custom web software.

Pectopah works in small teams, each headed by a producer, rather than an account director. The idea here is that the producer’s primary responsibility is the product (that is, the web site or web application), rather than the process. The producer is the client’s primary point of contact, and draws upon the other team members for their expertise. We work in small teams with clear roles so there is minimal overlap and miscommunication.

Pectopah maintains a strong network of web professionals working in our industry. From time to time, when client work requires it, Pectopah works with external contractors to supplement the core team.

All of our employees and contractors work from their home offices so our overhead is low. We do not maintain a data centre of our own, preferring to leave that to companies that specialize in hosting and hardware, so our capital exposure is also low. We are a small company with big clients, and we are good at delivering results quickly and reliably. We put a premium on experience. In practice, these factors translate into big advantages for our clients.

Pectopah puts a premium on experience. We have worked in the agency world, in the corporate world, in the public sector, and in non-profits.

Through tech boom and dotcom bust, we've been doing what we do best because we love doing it.

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